Maine Zero Waste Retailers

This map is created in partnership with Vanessa Berry. To learn more about this project, please check out our interview with Vanessa here.

For a retailer to qualify for our database, they must meet these three criteria:

  • They must offer refills on at least one product through container exchanges, refilling stations, or other systems
  • They must provide a take-back or recycling program for at least one other product such as container libraries, TerraCycle, or single-stream recycling
  • They must obtain at least 10 percent of the products they sell in refillable, locally-recyclable, or home compostable packaging, or receive them without packaging entirely

If you have suggestions to add or edit retailers on this map, please fill out this form so we can keep it as current as possible.

This map was last updated in January 2021. Please note that the ongoing pandemic may be affecting services at various retailers.

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