Recommended resources

These lists are constantly evolving and being added to, and we welcome your suggestions. Please feel free to leave recommendations in the comments!

Looking for some other great blogs to read? May we recommend…

More of a book person? Wahoo! We love books! All of the books below are linked to MaineCat, the Maine-wide library catalog. Support your local libraries, the original sharing institutions!

And here’s a whole list of “environmental protection- citizen participation” and “sustainable living” books available in MaineCat for you to browse!

Feel like catching a good podcast? We’ve been looking for some good zero waste podcasts to recommend. Some of the podcasts on this are not entirely focused on zero waste topics and some we have only only just begun to listen to, but here is a good smattering to get you started.

Or are movies more your speed? We hear ya’- sometimes seeing something can be an eye-opener in a way that no written description can. Here are some great titles to check out…